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Camper trailer tents are one of the fastest growing trends in the camping industry. People from all walks of life are rediscovering the pleasures of camping. With improved technology and easy fold out designs, this tent is erected in no time at all, it's no wonder their popularity is soaring. You'll be amazed at how efficiently the whole process works with very little effort required from you. Our tents come mounted to a heavy duty marine plywood base with steel frames these are fitted to the top of our Austrailian made 7x4 trailer,  leaving all the space of the trailer itself to keep all your camping and kids (big or small) needs. You have access to the trailer through the tailgate and 2 panels under the mattress, or you can simply tilt the top up (you can even do this whilst the tent is up)keeping everything within easy reach. A heavy duty PVC dust cover, sealed with zip and Velcro, is included to ensure everything remains dry and dust free. With clear illustrated instructions, you can have the main tent set up in under 9 minutes for quick over night stops. For more space, simply attach the annex roof using the zip and Velcro, then attach the walls and floor with Velcro to completely seal the interior of the tent. You also have the option of purchasing additional annexes (with floors included), in canvas or mesh if you wish to extend your tent.
Red Roo Campers Australian Made Trailer
Tent on the trailer.
Above is our tent fitted to the top of our standard 7 x 4 trailer. The tent fits easily under the  cover leaving all of the room in the trailer for anything else you want to take long. The cover is zipped on and velcroed to keep the dust and water out.   
Tilted up for easy access. 
Here is our trailer fitted with gas struts as standard so you have easy access to the nice and deep trailer. This makes it very easy to pack and unpack the trailer. It also makes it even easier to fold out the tent when setting up.  .
Easy To Fold Out
Our tents are easy to fold out and are free standing but do come with ropes & pegs for those windy days. They are made of heavy duty 14 oz Rip Stop Canvas with light coloured roof to repel the heat.
View From The Top 
This is the view looking down from the KING sized bed.No problem finding room for the kids and their friends to sleep. We fit the tents with fine mesh to keep even the smallest of bugs out and yes the floor is sewn in.   
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We will show you how to set up the Camper of your choice before we take a deposit or get you to sign anything. If it isn’t easy to set up then don’t waste your hard earned cash.
Finance available Ask us obout our new range of tents.  We will customise the trailer to suit you. Vinyl Cover Repairs Camper Caravan
*Easy to tow. *Light weight( aprox 460 kg) *Good for fuel economy. *Easy to store. *Easy to push around. *Small investment
*Can be difficult to tow. *Very heavy need good car to tow. *Say good by to fuel economy. *Takes more room to store *Rarely can move without a car. *Larger investment.
I read recently that a family towing a caravan had misjudged their fuel and had to disconnect their caravan, leave it in the middle of no where as the fuel consumption halved when the caravan was not being towed with their Pajero, just so they would make it to the next petrol station. Should have bought a Red Roo Camper..